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Welcome to my blog! I am Anjan, a front-end developer from India. In my blog, I write about Javascript and front-end programming articles to help other developers.


  1. HTML RGB color codes and their names
  2. Quickly style a select option in CSS: Works under 5 mins
  3. Reusable Custom Select Element in Javascript
  4. Styling checkbox input using html and css
  5. Styling radio button input using html and css


  1. Default Parameter In Javascript: What and How
  2. Extract Data from Arrays and Objects in JavaScript
  3. Promise in Javascript an introduction for beginners
  4. forEach in Javascript : 3 helpful things to learn
  5. Array in Javascript, Things Worth Remembering
  6. Different ways of writing a function in Javascript
  7. Objects in javascript, a beginners guide
  8. Execution Context in Javascript
  9. Scope in javascript an introduction for beginners
  10. Multiple Conditions in Javascript if Statement
  11. Closure in Javascript a Complete Definition
  12. Javascript iife - Immediately Invoked Function Expression

How to's

  1. Explode or split a string in javascript
  2. How to compare dates in javascript
  3. Convert number to string in javascript
  4. Remove a character from string in javascript
  5. Add elements to an array in javascript
  6. How to check if a javascript object property is undefined
  7. How to open URL in a new tab using javascript
  8. How to check if a value is a number in javascript
  9. How to get the length of a string in javascript
  10. Remove the last character of a string in javascript
  11. How to get the current URL with javascript
  12. How to check if a javascript array is empty or not
  13. How to get index from a JSON object with value: javascript
  14. Convert a string to number in Javascript
  15. 3 easy ways to convert string to date in Javascript
  16. Switch on ranges and multiple conditions in javascript
  17. Sort array of objects in javascript
  18. Get length of object javascript
  19. Check if string contains substring javascript
  20. Remove a specific item from an array in javascript
  21. Comparing Equality Operator and Identity Operator in JavaScript
  22. Check if object is empty javascript
  23. Remove last element from an array in javascript
  24. Insert an item at a specific index of an array in Javascript
  25. Replace all occurrences of a string in Javascript
  26. Check if an array includes a value in Javascript
  27. Remove space from string in javascript
  28. Javascript loop through object
  29. How to remove an element from array in javascript
  30. Javascript Deep Clone an Object
  31. Check if key exists in object javascript
  32. Javascript merge objects
  33. Javascript check if object has property
  34. Javascript remove object property