Anjan Dutta

My blog reached 100 visitors a day

My blog reached 100 visitors a day

Created On: 20/10/2021

I am glad to share that my blog crossed the 100 visitors a day mark yesterday. I know it's not a lot, but with the continuous effort, I am seeing a decent uptrend in the number of visitors per day.

I am excited because this is the first goal I had set up for the blog.

It's not the first time the blog has crossed 100 users a day. It did whenever I shared my articles on social media. But, this time it's a bit different. There was no social media push. It all happened organically. I mean, more than a hundred users came to my blog searching for the solution to their problem.

For blogging, the biggest learning till now is that it's a long time game. Success will not come overnight.

I am learning, implementing, making a lot of mistakes and then rectifying. And through this process, I believe I have found the formula now.

I will continue to explore and share the result in my articles. If it works for me, then I will share the complete journey with you guys. Thanks for reading :)